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N GoatFarm CM SweeterThanCandy aka Candy

ADGA# PD    / AGS D-

DOB: 04/27/24

Cou Clair/Buckskin w/White/White Poll, Frosted Ears

Casein s1 Protein xx/x

DNA in process

"Link" ANDDA Awards

S: Four Cedars WP The Candyman *B

D: 3*M AR  SG N GoatFarm JJ Sweet Confusion LA: 90 VEEG 


Click on Sire/Dam for their information

Updated 05/01/2024



Linear Appraisal:

2025 @ xx-xx: ## xxxx

Link to ADGA Genetics


Candy's 2024/25 BREEDING

Confirmed Bred via Ultrasound w/______

See Planned Breeding Chart

Due __/__ - Kidded /__/__ w/______

~ We reserve the right to retain any kids ~





2025: 0D/0B


Needed for *M & AR

@Age x-xx (600) / (31.00 ) / (18.00)


SHOW Wins 2024

Washington State Fair xx/xx/2024

Judge xxxxx

SWWDGA @Washington State Fair xx/xx/2024

 Judge xxxxx


Clark County Fair xx/xx/2024

Judge xxxxx

Cowlitz County Fair xx/xx/2024

 Judge xxxx


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