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Available Nigerian Dwarf Adults & Kids
as they are born and/or available

AVAILABLE $400 Backyard Milker-Can be bred
N GoatFarm KM Spring Breeze aka Breezy
ADGA# PD2325121 - DOB: 05/31/23
DNA on File - Casein s1: B/B
Chocolate Swiss/Buckskin Combo

Sire: BusyB Goat Farm DK Knight Moon *B 
Dam: 4*M AR Emerald C Ranch C Flurry 86 VGVV


AVAILABLE pet $200 

Available with pet wether for $300

N GoatFarm CM Daz'd MilkMaid aka Millie

DOB: 02/21/24

Chocolate Buckskin 

S: Four Cedars WP The Candyman *B

D: 6x Elite SGCH 2*M AR 5 Fold Farm HB Daz'd N'Cunfuzd 88 VEEG


AVAILABLE Wether $150 


DOB: 03/08/24




"Can go with the above wether $450"

N GoatFarm PB Im Quite A Moose

DOB: 04/19/22

Chocolate Buckskin, Blue Eyes

S: N GoatFarm HB Udder Playboy *B

D: N GoatFarm P I'm Quite Amoosing

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