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Rainbow Bridge

Nigerian Dwarf Goats
Rochester, Washington

N GoatFarm Z Cowabunga *B  aka Dude

04/02/2021 - 2022

Left his new herd way too soon

S: *B Cedar View Zeppelin  84+VV

D: SG 3*M N GoatFarm JJ Sweet Confusion

N GoatFarm HB Udder Delight aka Lila

03/27/21 to 2022


Cougar or something pulled. her off at her new farm. Heartbreaking loss

for the owners.


Sire: ELITE SG Dill's B&R Hillybilly Bone +*B  90 VEE​

Dam:  N GoatFarm Udder'ly Divine 4*M AR  85 ++VV​

N GoatFarm CDD Prince *B 2022-2022


N GoatFarm Udder'ly Royal


02/27/19 ~ 09/12/19

I tried so hard to save you. Breaks my heart to not have you here. But, at least you are not in pain.

*B N GoatFarm NJ Bullwinkle


02/27/19 ~ 08/24/20

I don't have words for how much you will be missed. you went so quickly. I love you Winkle. Thank you for giving me 2 daughters and a son this year. 

I hate pneumonia

N GoatFarm NJ Bull Moose

Bull Moose

02/27/19 ~ 09/12/19

Run and play in heaven with your sister Mooshka, my sweet boy I will miss you.

N GoatFarm NJ Mooshka


02/27/19 ~ 06/06/19

I have no words for the loss I feel. I hear your cry in my head constantly. I feel your body in my arms still and wish I had seen you were down before it was too late.

Forever in my Heart

Iced Mocha

Iced Mocha


My sweet lil Mocha, my first goat love. You left this earth way too soon. I will never forget the joy you brought into my life.

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