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Rainbow Bridge

Nigerian Dwarf Goats
Rochester, Washington

Elite N GoatFarm HB Udder'ly Ritzy aka Ritzy

Elite 2021 & Elite 2022

DOB: 03/25/2020

ADGA# D2079847

Chocolate Buckskin w/Random White

Sire: ELITE +*B SG Dill's B&R Hillybilly Bone 90VEE

- Casein A/B

Dam:  N GoatFarm Udder'ly Supreme 3*M AR

- Casein A/B

N GoatFarm Z Cowabunga *B  aka Dude

04/02/2021 - 2022

Left his new herd way too soon

S: *B Cedar View Zeppelin  84+VV

D: SG 3*M N GoatFarm JJ Sweet Confusion

N GoatFarm NJ Bull Moose

*B N GoatFarm NJ Bullwinkle


02/27/19 ~ 08/24/20

I don't have words for how much you will be missed. you went so quickly. I love you Winkle. Thank you for giving me 2 daughters and a son this year. 

I hate pneumonia

Iced Mocha

Iced Mocha


My sweet lil Mocha, my first goat love. You left this earth way too soon. I will never forget the joy you brought into my life.

Bull Moose

02/27/19 ~ 09/12/19

Run and play in heaven with your sister Mooshka, my sweet boy I will miss you.

N GoatFarm NJ Mooshka


02/27/19 ~ 06/06/19

I have no words for the loss I feel. I hear your cry in my head constantly. I feel your body in my arms still and wish I had seen you were down before it was too late.

Forever in my Heart

N GoatFarm HB Udder Delight aka Lila

03/27/21 to 2022


Cougar or something pulled. her off at her new farm. Heartbreaking loss

for the owners.


Sire: ELITE SG Dill's B&R Hillybilly Bone +*B  90 VEE​

Dam:  N GoatFarm Udder'ly Divine 4*M AR  85 ++VV​

N GoatFarm Udder'ly Royal


02/27/19 ~ 09/12/19

I tried so hard to save you. Breaks my heart to not have you here. But, at least you are not in pain.

N GoatFarm Udder'ly Divine aka Diva

4*M AR / 4*D AR3401 / 85++VV

Cougar killed her at her new farm. Heartbreaking loss.

Casein s1 Protein A/A - DNA on File

DOB: 04/18/2019

ADGA# D2017919 / AGS D-110208

White/Black Cou Blanc, Blue Eyes

Sire: N GoatFarm JJ Sunstruck Silver *B  83 +++

Dam: SG 3*M AR N GoatFarm JJ Sweet Confusion 

N GoatFarm CDD Prince *B 2022-2022

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