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Must Read This Sales Policy
FREE Wait List for 2023 kids
Prices subject to change after Kidding
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A purchase includes agreement to Sales Policy

*Breeder reserves the right to retain first choice on any breeding, to refuse a sale at any time we see fit, to hold a kid purchased until we feel that the kid is ready to leave N GoatFarm.


ALL SALES ARE FINAL No exceptions. No refunds/exchanges will be given. No guarantee or warranties of any kind. We do not guarantee any milk production or show career on any animals sold. ***Once goats leave the care of N GoatFarm we at that point, have no control over its well being, health, or treatment, so after it leaves N GoatFarm, it is the responsibility of the buyer to keep the goats healthy and taken care of.

*If you can no longer take care of the goats you buy from N GoatFarm, we will try to help you place the goats in a new home, or recommend some people to get ahold of, but it is the ultimate responsibility of the Buyer to find the goats a new home

*Payment Information: N GoatFarm will accept cash or payment via Venmo or PayPal ONLY. Goats and papers on the goats will NOT Be released until all funds requirements are fulfilled. NO IFs, Ands, or Buts. 

* is the Venmo & PayPal account that you can send payment/deposit to. If paying by PayPal we ask that you send it friends/family or that you add 4% to the total cost that you are paying each time. You can also send PayPal payment as gift to friend/family and it will not charge.

*Reservation & Deposits - A 50% non-refundable down payment is required to hold any goat for up to 14 days while shipping/transfer arrangements are made, which should be made in a very timely manner unless agreed upon here in writing. We understand transporters schedules, but effort needs to be made for transport to be lined up quickly and dates known. Buyer has the responsibility to line up their own transports.

*Should the Buyer back out of the sale, or not pay in the agreed upon time or transported in agreed upon time, any monies paid are forfeit and the animal may be put back up for sale. ***Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs (including crates) and all vaccinations, testing and/or health certificates required by your state.*** There is a gas fee for transport to airports. Transport to shows are free of charge if we can fit them in. Delivery can also be made meeting part way or delivering to your farm for money for the RT gas used within reasonable distance and if we are available to do so.

*All animals must be paid for in full before transfer of papers and any animals are picked up at the farm, and all animals must be paid for in cash, Venmo or by PayPal.

*All animals are sold on a first come first serve basis and by reservation. A non-refundable $100.00 down payment is required to hold your choice of kid from the breeding that you want, we ask that you put down 2 breedings per reservation.

Once kids are born, we will contact people in order of deposit, then general reservation. If your first choice is not available (including breeder retaining kid), the paid deposit may be applied to another available kid of your choice or you may wait for the next breeding on that doe or you can use your reservation toward another breeding if those are not taken and full.

*Pricing of kids is based on lineage, conformation and potential. Prices may be adjusted once kids are on the ground, no prices are set in stone until evaluation of kid and dam's udder is seen after kidding.

If animals are not picked up by 14 days after deposit or in the agreed upon time, then a $8.00 a day boarding fee will be charged per day thereafter. After 15 days for adults and kids, the goat(s) will be placed back up for sale and any payment received will be forfeited, unless arrangements have been made with us to hold your kid or goats longer with transportation and dates of it lined up.

***N GoatFarm reserves the right to cancel and not sell to anyone we do not see fit at anytime we see fit!!***

*REMEMBER NO ANIMAL IS SOLD UNTIL PAID IN FULL.  All animals will be marked as sale pending after deposit in half is received in cash, Venmo, or PayPal. No animal will be marked sale pending without 50% deposit.

*In the event that something should happen to the animal between the deposit and leaving the farm, N GoatFarm will return the deposit or apply that deposit towards another animal.

*Registrations and Paperwork All goats sold as registered will come with filled out applications for registration or original certificates with signed transfers. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to keep these papers in a safe place until registered in their name. For a $15 charge per goat, N GoatFarm will replace lost applications/paperwork. Buyer is responsible for all charges of registration/transfer fees.

*Health Papers , Shipping, Testing ALL transporters need and require health papers, any testing and shipping, it is the responsibility of the buyer to pay for these. All testing such as CAE, Johnes, CL, TB, Brucellosis is the responsibility of the buyer if needed outside the regular scheduled testing times. It is also the Responsibility of the buyer to check with their state to see the state laws of imported goats from other states. Health Certificates costs vary, each test has a different cost so if needing any tests, these costs will be added to the final cost of the goats and paid for by the buyer!!

*All animals will be guaranteed healthy at the time of sale. Because we cannot control the goats environment after it leaves, there is no extended health guarantee after the goat leaves our possession (including that with the transporter). Show quality animals will be free of disqualifying faults at the time of sale. We will replace any breeding stock sold who is deemed by a veterinarian to be genetically infertile. Goats registration paperwork must be returned to us at N GoatFarm once deemed infertile by your Vet and you must send that with the vet paperwork and signature stating this is the case. Along with the registration paperwork there will need to be signed paperwork from the vet stating that the animals cannot reproduce and is infertile.

• Shipping/transportation of the replacement will be at the responsibility of the buyer.

**We do not guarantee goats will not develop scurs as they age, it seems its becoming harder to disbud and the irons are not what they have been in the past.

*If an animal is sold as Exposed/has been bred that is just what it means!! There is NO Guarantee given by N GoatFarm that this doe after leaving will kid at your farm!! Due to the stress of transport and stress of moving and being at a new home dealing with new feed, new animals around them, we will NOT Guarantee any pregnancy or that a doe will Kid for you!! They are sold as exposed/bred with dates given and memos given for those dates, but NO Guarantee of pregnancy or kidding will be given to the buyer!!


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