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Legacy Ranch Pandemic aka Demi *B

Yearling Score 81+V+


Casein s1 Protein A/A

DNA on File

DOB: 03/22/2020

ADGA# PD2094889

Brown Chamoise/Buckskin

Sire: Dill's ROR Demo

Dam: ELITE GCH Harlequin B Whimsical 4*M

SS: Zanzabeez River On The Rocks

SD: Dill's BJ Wrecking Ball  3*M 87 +VEV

SSS: *B Dill's PL Patron

SSD: Zanzabeez BC At The Rivers End

SDS: SG ++*B Dill's TS Banjo

SDD: GC Dill's ACC Tranquility  2*M

DS: SG ++*B Dill's TS Banjo 84 +VV

DD: SG Hard Earned Acres Whimsy  3*M 89 VVEE

DSS: Dill's D Two-Step ++*B

DSD: SGCH Dill's XM Keena 4*M

DDS: Piddlin Acres BW Real Moody

DDD: Piddlin Acres W Mimzy 2*M


Linear Appraisal:

2021 @ 01-03: 81 +V+



2022: 0B/0D

2021: 5B/6D (Retained 2D)

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