New for 2020 Purchases
10% price Refund for buyers who
participate in ADGA Plus~DHI~LA
with a goat in my Herd Name
or adult bought from me in 2020
~Must complete 305 days of DHI tests~
and/or LA when they are a year+ old
*an extra 5% discount if you also
Show said goat in 3+ shows*
Applies to Bucks & Does NOT wethers or pets
FREE Wait List for 2020 kids
Prices subject to change after Kidding
Prices are Lower for Home Milker and Pet Quality
A  Buck/Doe reserved by *NGF
CAE ~ CL ~ Johne's ~ Bruc ~ Q-Fever
"November 2019 Negative
Dec 2018 Negative CAE ~ Johne's ~ Bruc
Dec 2017 Negative CAE ~ CL ~ Johne's
April 2017 Negative CAE ~ CL ~ Johne's ~ Bruc ~ Q-Fever
Updated 12/12/19
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