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Mistwood SD Sunflower

Mistwood SD Sunflower 2*M AR 

1 x Jr GCH

ANDDA Awards
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Silver  JuJu 2018

DOB: 01/22/2016

ADGA# D1769125

Black w/White, Blue Eyes

Sire: Castle Rock Sundown *B  VVE 87

Dam: Crazy-Joy Virtual Sun 1*M  VEEV 89

SS: Castle Rock Bentley +*B *S

SD: GCH CRF Castle Rock Sun Saphire 2*M  VVEV 88 

@6.4 yrs old

SSS: The Rosasharn TL Sitka Spruce ++*B  V++ 84

SSD: SG AGS Lost Valley TB Infinity 1*M ++VV 86

SDS: CRF Castle Rock Cobalt  *B

SDD: AGS TX Twincreeks WDF Sunsprite 1*M VVVV 87

SSSS: AGS Rosasharn's Tiger L  ++B

SSSD: AGS Rosasharn's UMT Sassafras 1*M

SSDS: AGS Lost Valley Tae-Bo ++B

SSDD: AGS Lost Valley Mercedes

SDSS: CRF Castle Rock Guy Noir ++*B

SDSD: SGC AGS Castle Rock Once InA Blue Moon 1*M

SDDS: GC PecanHollow Willy'sDance +B

SDDD: SGC AGS Goodwood Good Day Sunshine

DS: Dragonfly AV Virtual Reality *B  VEE 89

DD: Proctor Hill Farm RC Equinox  VV+V 86

DSS: TX Twincreeks PKM Avatar +*B

DSD: GCH AGS Dragonfly IH Peregrine 1*M  EEEE 91

DSS: Rosasharn TL Cauldron ++B  VEE 90

DSD: AGS Proctor Hill Farm AndThenSome V+EE 88

DSSS: AGS Piddlin Acres PV Pokemon ++B

DSSD: GC AGS Gay-Mor's JJU Nonpareil 1*M

DSDS: AGS Promisland Incredible Hunk +B

DSDD: AGS Dragonfly FC I Declare 

DDSS: AGS Rosasharn's Tiger L ++B

DDSD: AGS Rosasharn's UK Witch-Hazel

DDDS: AGS Rosasharn TL Ushikai

DDDD: AGS Hill Country's KW Sheezal

Linear Appraisal

2018: 85 +EVV


2018: 2B/1D

2017: 2D


DHIA Milk Test

2018 Final: 305 DIM

Age @Kidding 2-02

Qty: *M 910 / BF: *M 62 (6.81%) / Pro: *M 43 (4.73%)

2017 Final: 257 DIM

2*M, AR

Age @Kidding 1-01

Qty:  490 / BF: 34 (6.9%) / Pro: 26 (5.3%)


SHOW Wins 2018

Clark County Fair 8/10/18

2nd Place /2nd Place Udder

Evergreen State Fair 9/2/18

2nd Place/2nd Place Udder of 15 in class

Washington State Fair 

 2nd Place/2nd Place Udder of 12 in class


SHOW Wins 2017

Cowlitz County Fair 7/28/17

1st Place

Reserve Sr Grand Champion

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