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ADGA/AGS Award Titles

American Dairy Goat Association
American Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Association
American Goat Society

What do these marks and titles mean?
Breed Leader/Top Ten ~ ELITE
SG   SGCH   *M   +B   ST   AR   CH   GCH

ELITE Elite Does are in the top 5% of their breed Nationally, Bucks are in the top 15%.

Breed Leader/Top Ten Does recognized as Breed Leaders from prior year lactation records.

SG (Superior Genetics) Animal must be in the top 15% and have  PTI value of 0 or greater for their breed.

SGCH (Superior Genitics Grand Champion) Animal must earn both the SG and a Permanent Championship.

CH/MCH (Permanent Champion) - 3 official ADGA legs (wins)

GCH/ARMCH (Grand Champion) - the G means she earned her milk* and permanent championship the CH means she is a permanent champion with 3 official ADGA legs

+B/+S  (Plus Buck) For Bucks who have 3 AR or Star daughters form 3 different dams, or sons with +B's

++B/++S  (Plus Buck) For Bucks who have both Sons & Daughters who qualify

*B/*S  (Star Buck) Awarded from Sire/Dam/Offspring production meeting ADGA minimums

*M/*D  (Star Milker)  (3*M=3rd successive generation to earn a *M) based on milk testing and minimum criteria. A doe can earn if she has 3 daughters and/or sons that qualify
ST (Star Volume Milk Award) From one-day milk tests, or on basis of pedigree or progeny
AR  (Advanced Registry Milk Award) Meeting minimum requirements via DHI programs - earned milk* on 305-day test
E's a linear appraisal with overall score of 90 which is an Excellent rating.
ADGA's CH and AGS's MCH mean the same
ADGA's GCH and AGS's ARMCH mean the same
ADGA's *M and AGS's *D mean the same. Each # in front is the number of successive generations
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