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Mistwood LJJ Jacobs Java (Polled) 86 VEV

DNA on File - 1 x GCH 

DOB: 02/06/2016

ADGA# D1768808P

Sire: Sweet Syringa's Latin Java Joe VV+ 85

Dam: Otter Grove M Mayzee 1*M, *D, AR, 90 VEEE

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SS: Sugar Moon RB Latin Lover *B

SD: Northern Fork Kava Java

SSS: SG NC Promiseland Ram-Beau ++*B 90 VEE

SSD: NC Promiseland RB Rumba  6*M 85 VEE+

SDS: Celtic Stars Tiger's Java Jolt 

SDD: AGS Chcara DS NF Charming Freckles

SSSS: SG AGS NC Promiseland MG Beau ++B

SSSD: AGS Caesar's Villa DN Lizzie 1*M

SSDS: SG NC Promiseland Ram-Beau ++*B 90 VEE

SSDD: SGCH NC PromiselandPAL Macarena 5*M

SDSS: Rosasharn Tiger I

SDSD: Sugar-Pine T Blue M&M

SDDS: AGS Chcara Demon Spawn

SDDD: AGS Chcara Third Times The Charm

DS: Old Mountain Farm Mirza *B

DD: Pecan Hollow C Got Pickles

DSS: AGS Roundabout Johnny On The Spot +B

DSD: NC Promiseland MG Mizi 3*M

DSS: Pecan Hollow SFB Constantine +B

DSD: Pecan Hollow BR Alena

DSSS: AGS Roundabout Sir Spots-A-Lot

DSSD: AGS Roundabout Gretel

DSDS: SG AGS Promiseland S Mel Gibson ++B

DSDD: NC Promiseland SS Tizzie 2*M

DDSS: AGS Twin Creeks BW SanFrancisco B *B

DDSD: AGS Pecan Hollow Creme-D-Mint

DDDS: AGS Split Creek Blue Ridge

DDDD: CH AGS Dill Pickle LT Gothika

SHOW Wins 2018 

NWABGC Doe/Buck Show  5/26/18

Ring 1: 2nd Place - Ring 2: 2nd Place

Ring 3: 1st Place * Grand Champion, Best in Show


SHOW Wins 2017

NWABGC Doe/Buck Show  5/27/17

Ring 1: 1st Place - Reserve Champion

Ring 2: 1st Place - Ring 3: 7th Place

Linear Appraisal:

2018: VEV 86 OH


2018: 13B/12D (11 different Dams)

2017: 1B/4D (4 different Dams)


Java's Son

*B N GoatFarm JJ Nutty Java  79 A++

Casein s1 Protein A/A

DNA on File

DOB: 04/16/2018

ADGA# D1934760

Tan Buckskin, Min White, White Poll

Sire: 1x GCH Mistwood LJJ Jacobs Java (Polled) VEV 86​

Dam: SG 5 Fold Farm HB Daz’d N’Cunfuzd 2*M AR  90 VEEV

ELITE 2017-18-19-20-21


Linear Appraisal:

2019: 79 A++



2020: 4B/1D

2019: 9B/9D


SHOW Wins 2018

NWABGC Doe/Buck Show  5/26/18

2nd Pl all 3 rings


Java's Grandson - Nutty's son

N GoatFarm NJ Bullwinkle *B 

02/27/2019 ~ 08/24/2020

ADGA# D2003696P 

Chocolate Buckskin

Sire: *B N GoatFarm JJ Nutty Java  79 A++

Dam: 5 Fold Farm PR Moosetracks 4*M  91 VEEE 



2020: 4B/2D

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