SG N GoatFarm JJ Sweet Confusion 3*M AR


Casein s1 Protein A/A

DNA on File


DOB: 04/16/2018

ADGA# D1934758

Cou Clair/Buckskin

ANDDA Awards
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Silver JuJu 2020

Sire: 1x GCH Mistwood LJJ Jacobs Java (Polled) 86VEV

Dam: Elite SGCH 5 Fold Farm HB Daz’d N’Cunfuzd 2*M AR 

SS: Sweet Syringa's Latin Java Joe VV+ 85

SD: Otter Grove M Mayzee 1*M, *D, AR, 90VEEE

DS: ELITE SG Dill's B&R Hillybilly Bone +*

DD: SG 1*M 5 Fold Farm CC Ginger Snap 83+VV+


Linear Appraisal:

2021 @ 03-02: 85 +EVV

2020 @NA-Covid Cancel

2019 @01-02: 83+VVV

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Sweety's 2021/22 BREEDING

Confirmed Bred via Ultrasound w/Quads

See Planned Breeding Pedigrees

below the Breeding Chart

Due 03/10 - Kidded 03/09 (1B 3D)

~ We reserve the right to retain any kids ~

Elite SG Sugar Moon NS Alejandro +*B

Via Artificial Insemination 



2022: 3D/1B

2021: 0D/5B

2020: 1D/0B

2019: 3D/0B


CDCB Link to - DHIA Milk Tests

Updated 06/22/2022

Needed for *M & AR

@Age 2-11 (628) / (21.96 ) / (18.83)


SHOW Wins 2021

Cowlitz County Fair 07/23/2021

1st Place 3 yr old Milker 

Dam & Daughter (Sweety): 1st Place

Produce of Dam Daisy: (Sweety & Remi1st Place


SHOW Wins 2019

ADGA  Nationals Redmond OR  7/09/19

13th Place out of a class of 21

Clark County Fair 

1st Place/1st Place Udder

Evergreen State Fair 

1st Place/1st Place Udder Yearling Milkers

Dam & Daughter: Daisy-Sweety 1st Place

Granddam-Dam-Daughter: Daisy-Sweety-Glory: 1st Place


SHOW Wins 2018

Clark County Fair 8/10/18

1st Place April and Later Kids


Evergreen State Fair 9/2/18

3rd Place

Washington State Fair 9/22/18

16th Place of 16