Daisy Rodgers: Cou Blanc Diva Doeling or Diva

Ashlee Wood: DOE: Sweety or Heart

Vicki Hall: DOE: Diva, Missy, Flurry, Remi

Sarah Hill: Polled/Blue Missy Buck

Blue Eyed buck Diva/Duke $1,000 Susan Cowee Allen- https://www.facebook.com/susan.allen.98

Jamie Born - Diva Lila

I recently purchased does from TUA and Leisure Time and looking to ad a couple more for our transport in May

GoatRight facing.png
Goat Left facing copy.png
GoatRight facing.png













N GoatFarm P Moose-Chievous - Chia

DOB: 03/08/21 - ADGA #PD2161290P

Sire: Legacy Ranch Pandemic *B Yearling Score 81+V+

SS: Dill's ROR Demo 

SD: ELITE GCH Harlequin B Whimsical 4*M

Dam:  N GoatFarm Udder'ly Divine 4*M AR 85 ++VV

DS: N GoatFarm JJ Sunstruck Silver *B  83 +++

DD: SG N GoatFarm JJ Sweet Confusion  3*M AR 83 VVV

Image 7-13-21 at 6.04 PM.jpg