*B N GoatFarm NJ Bullwinkle


02/27/19 ~ 08/24/20

I don't have words for how much you will be missed. you went so quickly. I love you Winkle. Thank you for giving me 2 daughters and a son this year. 

I hate pneumonia

N GoatFarm Udder'ly Royal


02/27/19 ~ 09/12/19

I tried so hard to save you. Breaks my heart to not have you here. But, at least you are not in pain.

N GoatFarm NJ Bull Moose


02/27/19 ~ 09/12/19

Run and play in heaven with your sister Mooshka, my sweet boy I will miss you.

N GoatFarm NJ Mooshka

L side_9895.jpeg

02/27/19 ~ 06/06/19

I have no words for the loss I feel. I hear your cry in my head constantly. I feel your body in my arms still and wish I had seen you were down before it was too late.

Forever in my Heart

Olympic Doll aka Dolly


3/22/17 ~ 6/2/17

Dolly, I bought you, I wanted you, I loved you to the end. I am sorry I could not save you.

Iced Mocha



My sweet lil Mocha, my first goat love. You left this earth way too soon. I will never forget the joy you brought into my life.