Casein s1 Protein A/B

DNA on File

4*M AR 5 Fold Farm PR Moosetracks 86VVVV 


aka Moosey

DOB: 02/12/2015

ADGA# D1717244P

Dark Brown/Brown Buckskin

Sire: TX Twincreeks RM Party Rock *B  88+EE

SS: Castle Rock Rainmaker ++*B  85VV+

SD: SGCH Pecan Hollow C Rockin' Robin 1*M  87V+VV

SSS: AGS Castle Rock Mr. Lincoln +B   84+++

SSD: SGCH Algedi Farm H Purple Rain 4*M  90VEEV

SDS: Pecan Hollow SFB Constantine  +B

SDD: CH AGS Twin Creeks WB Meadowlark

SSSS: AGS Woodhaven Farms Latigo

SSSD: AGS TX Twincreeks WDF Sunsprite 1*M

SSDS: AGS Rosasharn's UMT Hamachi  ++*

SSDD: SGCH AGS Rosasharn's TL Zenith 3*M

SDSS: AGS Twin Creeks BW SanFranciscoBay *B

SDSD: AGS Pecan Hollow Creme-D-Mint

SDDS: AGS Goodwood Weisbaden

SDDD: AGS Twin Creeks BW Morning Lark

Dam: Castle Rock Sugar and Spice 3*M 90VEEE

DS: Castle Rock Chicago Peace +*B

DD: Castle Rock Saranade 2*M  89VEEV

DSS: Copper Penny ROF Calico Jack +B

DSD: GCH AGS Castle Rock Tuscan Sun 2*M  90VEEE

DSS: AGS Twin Creeks BW Montego Bay ++*B

DSD: GCH AGS Esperanza WS Sara   1*M  87VVEV

DSSS: AGS Twin Creeks FAX Ring of Fire *B

DSSD: AGS Ponders End MB Nevis

DSDS: AGS Woodhaven Farms Latigo

DSDD: AGS TX Twincreeks WDF Sunsprite 1*M

DDSS: AGS Twin Creeks BH Bay Watch ++B

DDSD: GC AGS Gay-Mor's JJU Nonpareil`1*M

DDDS: AGS Ponders End MTB Wall Street

DDDD: AGS Esperanza ZZ Sedona Snows


Link to ADGA Linear Appraisal


Moosey's 2019/20 BREEDING

Repeat of 2018/19 breeding

Confirmed Bred via Ultrasound w/QUADS


Click on the links below for

ADGA Planned Breeding and

2nd link to see the Kids Sire

Kidded 01/10/2020

~ We reserve the right to retain any kids ~

unless a ½ Down payment has been made

~Possible Polled~


*B N GoatFarm JJ Nutty Java

ADGA Planned Breeding 



2020: 1D x 4B

2019: 1D x 3B

2018: 2D 0B

2017: 2D 0B


DHIA Milk Test: Age @Kidding 4-11

2020 - # of Test- Dry Date


01/xx/20  (xx DIM) 

Daily: x.x / BF: (x.x%) .xx/ Pro: (x.x%) .xx


02/xx/20 (xx DIM) 

Daily: x.x / BF: (x.x%) .xx/ Pro: (x.x%) .xx


03/xx/20 (xx DIM) 

Daily: x.x / BF: (x.x%) .xx/ Pro: (x.x%) .xx


04/xx/20 (xx DIM)

Daily: x.x / BF: (x.x%) .xx/ Pro: (x.x%) .xx


05/xx/20 (xx DIM)

Daily: x.x / BF: (x.x%) .xx/ Pro: (x.x%) .xx

06/xx/20 (xx DIM)

Daily: x.x / BF: (x.x%) .xx/ Pro: (x.x%) .xx


07/xx/20 (xx DIM)

Daily: x.x / BF: (x.x%) .xx/ Pro: (x.x%) .xx

08/xx/20 (xx DIM)

Daily: x.x / BF: (x.x%) .xx/ Pro: (x.x%) .xx

09/xx/20 (xx DIM)

Daily: x.x / BF: (x.x%) .xx/ Pro: (x.x%) .xx

10/xx/20 (xx DIM)

Daily: x.x / BF: (x.x%) .xx/ Pro: (x.x%) .xx

Needed for *M & AR

((( 688 )))   /     ((( 24.06 )))     /     ((( 20.63 )))

End of Test Amounts

xxx          /          * xx        /         xx


CDCB Link to - DHIA Milk Test


SHOW Wins 2017

Cowlitz County Fair 7/28/17

1st Place

Clark County Fair 8/11/17

3rd Place

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