Kidz4You2 Sweet Blond Bombshell

aka Blondie 

DOB: 03/26/2020

ADGA# PD2152354

Gold w/minimal White, Moonspots

Sire: Kidz-4-You JJ Sweet Lover  

Dam: Kidz4You2 Jest So Blonde


Linear Appraisal:

2022 @ 0x-0x: ##XXXX

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Blonde's 2021/22 BREEDING

Confirmed Bred via Ultrasound w/Quads

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Breeding and Kids Sire

Due 02/13 - Kidded 00/00

~ We reserve the right to retain any kids ~

*B N GoatFarm HB's CrazyDaisyDuke

ADGA Planned Breeding



2022: 0B/0D


CDCB Link to - DHIA Milk Tests

Updated 11/22/2021