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Emerald C Ranch CO Flurry 4*M AR


DOB: 02/11/2021

ADGA# D2157712 / AGS D-110215

Black/Tan Swiss, Brown Eyes, Moon Spots

Casein s1 Protein B/B

DNA on File

Sire: Emerald C Ranch Cobalt *B

Dam: SGCH  3*M Emerald C Ranch Earth Star 91 VEEE

SS: CH *B Emerald C Ranch IR Mercury 90 VEE

SD: GCH 1*M AR Emerald C Ranch Aqua Violet 89 +VEE

SSS: GCH +B Emerald C Ranch IR Hematite

SSD: 3*M TX Twincreeks JF Hollyleaf

SDS: GCH ++B +S AGS Buffalo Clover Valentino 91EEE

SDD: SG Emerald C Ranch Briza Lazuli

DS: +B Emerald C Ranch Onyx Thunder

DD: GCH 2*M Buffalo Clover Delta Alluvium

DSS: Sweet Blossom Milkman

DSD: SG AGS Sweet Blossom Narcissus

DDS: GCH ++B +S AGS Buffalo Clover Valentino 91EEE

DDD: SGCH 1*M Buffalo Clover Delta Dawnn


Linear Appraisal:

2023@            : xxXXXX

Link to ADGA Linear Appraisals


Flurry's 2022/23 BREEDING

Confirmed Bred via Ultrasound w/______

See Planned Breeding Chart

Due __/__ - Kidded __/__ w/______

~ We reserve the right to retain any kids ~


*B DLMG Farms LJ Top Axel 86VVV



2023: xB/xD

2022: 1B/1D


CDCB Link to - DHIA Milk Tests

Updated 12/25/2022

Needed for *M & AR

@Age 1-02 (600) / (21.00)*M / (18.00)*M

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